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How does CBD work in the body?

CBD has the ability to influence a wide range of receptor systems in the brain and body, including both cannabinoid receptors.

We have the ability to influence the way our Endocannabinoid System operates through diet (including intake of CBD) and exercise. Understanding how CBD works can help you gain better insight into this product and how it relates to your specific needs. 

Our Story

Our saga begins with Ethan, a research biologist who, in 1999, broke his neck.This started a long odyssey through multiple pain management techniques, which was exasperated by an auto accident in 2014.

That resulted in two totaled cars, and having his entire spine badly broken with three discs demolished. The traditional medical approach of opioids was unacceptable to him… He realized he desperately needed an alternative to products that could have a lasting negative impact on his life and his family.