We all have that friend who is super skeptical. Or maybe you are the one who never trusts anything unless you investigate it for yourself. I’m a little bit of that.

Have you ever wondered if your milk that you buy at the grocery is real milk? Do you trust the label? Or do you Google the farm and make sure the milk is legit?

I don’t go that far, but I know some who do!

So, what I’m trying to say is that most of what we buy is taken at face value.

Milk is milk. Gas is gas. You don’t need to verify. We never have had to verify our purchases.

CBD is different. When it became more mainstream, everyone was branding and selling it. Riding the train.. making the cash!

But because the FDA still hasn’t regulated it yet… its like a big wide open land mine!

I’ve heard so many people tell me “CBD doesn’t work for me”

My first question- where did you buy is and what was the brand?

Because so many companies jumped on the bandwagon with this- many, and I mean most.. have not been selling quality products, When you buy a crappy product.. chances are, it won’t work.

Maybe it has Zero CBD in it.

Maybe it has a super high- illegal- amount of THC.

Maybe it has only Hemp Seed Extract. Which by the way- is not CBD

So… very simple steps to follow to ensure you get what you pay for

1. Every product should have a QR code on the label.

       What is a QR code? 

              Its the little box thingy on the label, that when you scan it on your phone- goes to something- It is used in many types of business as an easy way to get a lot of info in a tiny spot. It can link to a website, video, promotional commercial…ect.

2. Scan the code.


             It should open up the COA

             What is the COA?

             The COA- or Certificate of Analysis is the verification that the product was tested for accuracy, potency and cleanliness.

3. Check the COA and make sure that-

     1. Its the correct reading for that product

     2. It matches the label.

4. Match it to the label.

      Make sure it has the same amount of CBD and THC that the label says.

5. Make sure the company you buy your CBD from is transparent. Reputable CBD brands are completely transparent. It makes us stand out from the ones that aren’t.

It is really that simple. Make sure the 3rd party testing is readily available and it matches that the label portraits,

If you need help with this- please ask!

CBD is a different world. No, it is not a miracle cure. No, it does not fix everyone. It does have a huge amount of benefits.

– Rebecca Shear