Did you even know that there is FAKE CBD flooding the market?

CBD has boomed in the past 5-6 years and so many companies want to ride the money train. This growing market is still unregulated by the FDA which leaves the door wide open for companies to sell any kind of products, and claim that they are CBD.

In this quick blog, I will list the biggest RED flags when shopping for quality CBD.

1- These very high mg bottles- I have seen a 30ml bottle (which is 1oz) with 14,000- 300,000 mg of cbd. What??             

  Most reputable companies sell bottles 500-5000 mg per bottle. Its seems highly unlikely to even squish that many mg into a 1 once bottle.

2- Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD. There is nothing unhealthy or harmful about Hemp seed oil, however it contains no cannabinoids. It is typically used to cook with.

3- CBD sold in clear bottles. CBD is light sensitive and can break down when exposed to ultraviolet light.

4- Medical claims. We all know the benefits of CBD. But per the FDA we cannot make medical claims. Anyone that is does not belong selling CBD. We need to stay FDA compliant on our labels and in what we say.

5- Don’t buy your CBD on Amazon or in a gas station or dollar store. Amazon does not allow CBD sales. Yes, I know if you search CBD you will find thousands of CBD products. Remember the steps above. And I have another blog about how to find quality products.

6- Scan the QR code on the label- check out the 3rd party test (the COA) and make sure it matches the mg for CBD and THC on the label. (see my next blog about this)

And its really that simple. This is not like buying milk at the grocery store. CBD is a different world and needs to be treated as such. You cannot just buy it anywhere and expect it to be ok. Yes, you can buy milk almost anywhere and know that its milk, CBD is different. And until it is regulated, will remain different. An industry where you have to check quality and compliance.

– Rebecca Shear