Tips & Tricks: Time Frames

You have thought about it for a while and decided it is finally time to make this year your best year. Whether you are interested in CBD to help with athletic performance, counteract sleep issues, or you are interested in managing your anxiety, a CBD product may work for you.

Right now, CBD is everywhere – from beauty care to salves and tinctures, so there is definitely something for you. One of the main reasons why you are seeing CBD everywhere is because it is non-intoxicating and has been suggested to help with everything from depression to anxiety. The world of CBD research is new, exciting, and emerging, so there are plenty of developments still to come.

What we know right now is that CBD might be useful in treating insomnia related conditions, along with lessening inflammation, and improving mood. That is all great news! Now you are wondering how long it takes to begin to feel the effects of this fantastic medicinal and how long the results will last.

Equally important is the type of product you consume.

There are several ways to consume CBD, and each method takes a different amount of time for the effects to be felt. Vaping and tinctures allow the CBD to be immediately absorbed into your bloodstream. Salves, balms, and edibles all need to be processed through the body, so they take a little longer to be effective. Short-term relief is entirely possible with products that are inhaled. In contrast, a long, steady state of CBD benefits can be achieved with edibles. Sometimes, a combination of several delivery methods works best to help you achieve your specific treatment goals.

Remember that everyone’s ECS is different, so what works for someone else might not work for you. As with all natural wellness routines, your experience will be different and might take some experimentation to find what works best.

No matter if, you are interested in tinctures or salves, check out our complete product line. Our CBD is completely organic, non-GMO, vegan, and never encounters harmful chemicals or pesticides.

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– Rebecca Shear